Class Descriptions

yoga headerBeginner Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga is for Every Body! Learn the foundations of yoga so you can begin to experience its transformational effects. Explore proper alignment and correct breathing while developing strength, flexibility, and balance in a supportive environment. This class is designed for the brand new student, yet experienced students may attend to reinforce the basics. This class is also appropriate for Prenatal clients.
Level: Beginner/All Levels

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga

Revitalize your body, relax your mind, and reduce stress with slow, gentle standing and floor asanas (poses) to increase your strength and flexibility, and improve breath capacity. Ideal for beginners of any age or physical condition or experienced students who want a slower paced, less strenuous class. This class is also appropriate for Prenatal clients.
Level: Beginner/All Levels

Vinyasa Foundations

A refreshing class for all levels, this vinyasa flow class continues to build on the foundation established in Beginner Yoga. Working with the needs of the class, more attention is placed on alignment and breath work, and participants begin to explore more challenging asanas (poses). This is an excellent class for beginning through experienced students.
Level: Beginner/All Levels

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Sun salutations and creative flow sequences are emphasized, along with more challenging options for intermediate-level asanas, including arm balances and inversions. Linking your breath and movement energizes your mind, body and spirit while creating a moving meditation in a relaxed and welcoming environment. A variety of pose options are offered based on the needs of the class. The room is kept very warm to enhance the effects.
Level: All Levels/Intermediate

Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Similar to our signature Vinyasa Flow class with more heat for enhanced effects. Specific sequencing of asanas and the hotter room temperature will help you detoxify, improve your strength, flexibility and stamina, and melt away tension. The room is heated to about 90 degrees.
Level: All Levels/intermediate

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a challenging and vigorous hot Vinyasa Flow class pioneered by Baron Baptiste. It is designed to promote transformation–inside and out. Specific sequencing of poses will strengthen and stretch your mind and body and let your spirit soar. The room is heated to about 90 degrees, allowing for deeper results and detoxification. Yoga experience is suggested, although not required as you are encouraged to make this practice your own. Each pose can be modified to suit your needs.
Level: All Levels/Intermediate

Vinyasa Power

Vinyasa Power is a powerful and vigorous Hot Vinyasa Flow class that is designed to challenge your mind and body. Creative sequencing of poses will strengthen and stretch you and improve your stamina. Deeper backbends and inversions are frequently offered as options. The room is heated to about 90 degrees, allowing for deeper results and detoxification. Yoga experience is suggested, although not required. Options are offered to suit each individual’s needs.
Level: All Levels/Intermediate

Vinyasa Sculpt

Get ready to sweat during this fun and challenging class! Vinyasa sequences are blended with light hand weights to sculpt your body, improve your endurance, and enhance flexibility. Yoga experience is suggested, although not required. Options are offered to suit each individual’s needs.
Level: All Levels

Iron Yoga

You train hard for your sport. Which can mean neglecting other important elements of fitness—strength and flexibility training. Ignoring these ingredients can lead to injuries down the road. With Iron Yoga, you’ll build strength by performing specific exercises using both hand-held weights and your own body. Yoga asanas (poses), breathing, and some meditation will be blended into the mix to improve your flexibility, enhance your mental focus, and balance out your training routine.
Level: All Levels

Pilates Mat

Tone and strengthen your abdominals, hips, and back, or what Joseph Pilates refers to as your “powerhouse.” This classic Pilates class emphasizes precise body alignment, mental focus, and breath work for a refreshing mind/body workout resulting in improved posture, flexibility, and strength. All levels welcome.
Level: Beginning/All Levels

Prenatal Yoga

Join with other pregnant women to experience the many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga. This gentle class will teach you poses and techniques to help you relax and cope with the common discomforts of pregnancy and prepare you for the birth of your baby. Prenatal Yoga is offered as a 4 week series at various times–check the Class Schedule or Upcoming Events page to see if it is currently offered. No prior yoga experience necessary. Doctor/midwife note required.
Level: All Levels

Kids Yoga

Kids ages 5 to 9 have a great time learning and practicing yoga through playing games and teacher led instruction. Concepts such as physical, emotional, and social fitness are emphasized in this fun class. This class is offered as a 4 week series at various times throughout the year, usually in the Spring and Summer. Parents must sign waiver.
Level: All Levels

Family Yoga

Bring the kids and join us for a fun and energizing yoga class. No experience necessary. Just a willingness to laugh and let go! Appropriate for adults and children ages 4 and up. This class is offered as a drop-in style class about once a month through the Fall, Winter, & Spring. Parents must sign a waiver.
Level: All Levels 

About Class Levels

Beginner Level: is appropriate for the beginning student, someone recovering from an injury, or someone who needs to move more slowly. The pace of the class is slower to give you a good understanding of the postures (asanas) or exercises. The emphasis is on basic poses and breathing correctly which will help you establish a solid foundation.

All Level: is appropriate for beginners with some experience through experienced students. Options and modifications are offered so the pose can work for you. More challenging poses and breathing techniques (yoga pranayama) may be offered with instructions to assist you.

Intermediate Level: You will be encouraged to explore beyond your boundaries with more challenging options and poses. More detailed alignment cues are given throughout class to help you fine tune the postures and deepen your practice. It is helpful to have a strong yoga foundation already in place.

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